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The Chilly Bear blog is not just about what is happening at the club but is also just as much about music, as well as supporting DJs, musicians, clubs and anything inbetween. For this reason we like to include information that is hopefully useful to anyone interested in the music scene within Second Life, and one way to do this is to incorporate into our site.

What is Lis.tly?

Unsurprisingly Listly is an online service that allows it users to curate lists on a given subject and to share and embed those lists onto websites.  When links are included a list can also act something like a personalised bookmarking site, which is a very handy feature for blogs.

Once a list has been created other Listly members can contribute to it, vote up content and share or embed it. 

Listly On The Chilly Bear Blog

To help accumulate information about music within Second Life I have created a Listly page called  Second Life Music which SL residents who are also Listly members can contribute to. The Listly page is also embedded on this site where anything added to the list will be displayed - look for SL Music on the menu bar. All the features of the Second Life Music page are available on the blog, so if you are signed into Listly you can contribute here.

If you are not yet a member, signing up to Listly is very easy, you can sign up in seconds with your Facebook or Google+ account.

If you would like to contribute to the Second Life Music page it is important to remember this is not a page for events or just links to clubs. 

Each contribution needs to be informative and useful to Second Life residents who are interested in music within Second Life. 

Therefore time sensitive links to clubs without this are not allowed. Events listings are too time sensitive to be of any worth here. other than that, please make good use of this page. Once you have added to the list you can of course share and embed it on your own blog or website.

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