Happy Birthday Gothi

Today is the birthday of Chilly Bear's lovely host Gothi. If you couldn't make it to her party its still not too late to wish her...

Meet DJ Ziggy

DJ Ziggy has been around Chilly Bear for sometime now, with a break or two in between. Its more than about time then that we let you find...

How To Set Up An External Sound Card

When music is streamed into Second Life there is a delay between what the streaming software plays and what is heard in-world. This can m...

2 Theme Nights - Great fun :)

Thanks to Gothi for the picks of the last 2 theme nights :)

Chilly Bear Pics Of The Week XIII

There are a mixture of pics this week, starting with some from Midges weekly event held between Noon-3.00PM SLT. As well as some pics fro...

Would You Adam And Eve It

  Todays theme night is 'Would You Adam And Eve It?' with an emphasis on fig leaves, serpents, apples, temptations and of course ...

Chilly Bear Pics Of The Week XII

If you viewed the recent Chilly Bear home video you may have worked out there was a jungle theme last Monday, with Midge as DJ and Steph...

Chilly Bear Home Video 2

After the rough and ready attempt to create a Chilly bear home video a week or so ago, here is a much improved effort. Last Monday nigh...

The Great Chilly Bear Hunt 10th - 30th November

To celebrate our 1 st Birthday we are holding the “Great Chilly Bear Hunt” here at the club.   You will find jewellery, gift vouchers, ...

Chilly Bear Pics Of The Week XI

Its been a special week at Chilly Bears as we celebrated our first year. A lot has happened over the past year but with lots of hard work...

The coolest club in Second Life

The coolest club in Second Life
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