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Hey Chilly family !!!!

I would really appreciate it if you would take out 5 minutes and go to the link below and complete the boxes, the more who request the better the chance we have of getting into the official SL Destination Guide.  LETS GET THE CLUB ON THE MAP !!!!!

Copy and paste into your browser please make sure you log into your SL account

Venue title: The Chilly Bear (please use the full name)

Category is MUSIC
Location is The Chilly Bear (you will find this in the drop down)

Image URL you could use this one taken from the blog:   (it's the correct size and format)

Description - A friendly place where you can chill, play games, chat or just relax, even if there isn't a gig on.
Regular DJs & impromptu live music. We've got everything from rock to blues, easy listening to rock n roll.
Greedy, intans, cuddles, dance, backgammon, fun.  Newcomer friendly, hang out

In the editor's notes - let them know why you think this is a great place to be (this won't be published but helps them decide what to promote)

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1 comment:

  1. Chilly Bear really deserves to be in the destination guide so I followed your instructions and made a submission on behalf of the club. Here's what I added in the editor's notes:

    The Chilly Bear club is a very friendly and relaxed place for all Second Life residents including newbies. Everyone is given a warm and friendly welcome, and a wide range of musical tastes are catered for - including of course requests. Also, on Mondays there is a themed night run by the ever popular club owner Midge Larkham.


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