Welcome to the blog of <*<*The Chilly Bear*>*> Club & Hangout which can be found in Second life. Chilly Bear is a friendly place where you can chill, play games, chat or just relax, even if there isn't a gig on. Regular DJs & impromptu live music. We've got everything from rock to blues, easy listening to rock n roll. Greedy, intans, cuddles, dance, backgammon, fun.

To keep up to date with all that's happening at Chilly Bear check out the calendar and bookmark it for convenience.

Come visit us and get a warm Chilly Bear welcome!

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  Playing the Mix Tapes

To listen to the mix tapes here first either log into Spotify or sign up (this will take just a minute). Afterwards either return here or refresh this page and you will be ready to go. Its that simple!

Not only will you be able to listen to all the tracks here but you will also have a huge array of music at your finger tips direct from Spotify. Find Chilly Bear on Spotify and follow us to listen to our mix tapes anywhere. We'll also follow you so we can listen to your favourite tunes. (No, we're not sponsored by Spotify, we just think its a cool service!).


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