We like to think of advertising on The Chilly Bear as an exciting opportunity for you and your Second Life business, club, service or whatever you want to promote. We don't just put your ad on our blog but like to stay with our valued customers and support them all the way.  Here is what we do:

Blog Adverts:

  • For 125×125 ratio sidebar ads:
    (a) 30 days/1 month: 1,000
    (b) 90 days/3 months: 2,500
    (c) 180 days/6 months: 5,000
    (d) 365 days/1 year: 10,000 

  • For 250×125 ratio sidebar ads:
    (e) 30 days/1 month: 1,500
    (f) 90 days/3 months: 4,000
    (g) 180 days/6 months: 7,500
    (h) 365 days/1 year: 12,500

 Social Media

We will follow you on the following social media sites, adding posts and images for you as well as liking, sharing and re-tweeting your content.
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Avatar Social Network
  • NetworkedBlogs 

Support Inworld

We are also willing to arrange themed events for you at our venue, as well as sponsored events.

We want you to succeed just as much as we want ourselves to succeed, so we will support our advertisers in any reasonable way we can. For this reason we will work with you and take your ideas on board.

If you are as excited about this advertising opportunity as we are then go to the contact page for details of how to get in touch.

Extending Your Reach

As well as the above we also have other sites which we can utilise to extend your advertising range. These include:
If you advertise on The Chilly Bear we then half the stated prices for adverts also placed on SL-Inspiration and Metaverse Tutorials.


Advertising on SL-Feeds works differently than the other sites. Instead of adding 125 X 125px ads on the sidebar we add a 300 X 400px image permanently to the front page with a link to a post, blog, SLurl or a Marketplace store chosen by the advertiser . We also write a 500 word review of  either a blog or blog post.

The picture added to the front page must NOT be an advertisement, but a quality image.

The cost of both the image and review is L$1000.

The written review will of course be submitted to relevant Facebook groups as well as Google+, Twitter and Pinterest (since an image will be included) to give maximum exposure.

When you begin advertising with us your logo will be placed in the sponsor's area of the Gallery in Second Life at no extra cost. When your logo is clicked on the viewer will be taken to either your blog, Marketplace store, or your inworld location.

If you would like to advertise with us or have any questions you can contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you.

 What You Will Need To Advertise With Us

  • Sidebar Adverts: 125 X 125 px or 250 X 125px image
  • Sponsors Page: 200 X 200px image. 
  • SL Feeds Front Page: 300 X 400px image 
Once you begin advertising with us your 200 X 200px image will be added to the sponsors page at no extra cost.

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