A Fantastic Chilly Bear Host Katalina Dreamscape

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1/ How long have you been a host in SL?
I'm a host....and been doing that for......Hmmmm about 3 ish years? 4 maybe

2/ What made you decide to work as a host in SL?
Grim made me do it!! he wanted to run a club so threw me into hosting with him....and i think i annoyed him chatting all the time in his IM box...so he gets some rest when i host :)

3/ What makes working at Chilly Bear so enjoyable for you?
The tips aren't my reason to work, I just like being around people who can chat in local and have a good honest laugh. If that doesn't happen...i do my best to bring it out in local.....if people aren;t relaxed or don't feel welcome.....i personally feel like there's no point being there.....and that goes for 1 vip or 100 vips

4/ Do you work at any other clubs in SL and if so how do they compare with working at Chilly Bear?
Yes, I work at a few clubs , All clubs depend on the local chat. If there is a room full of people all in IM or just there for a contest.... usually.....IMO...it's boring....the chilly bear folk seem to appreciate a good chat and laugh in local....so lets hope it stays that way for a long time to come!

5/ Tell us a funny anecdote about working at Chilly Bear
I have nothing......as this is only my 3rd week.....still waiting for that Epic moment in chat that will be pasted in my book of SL quotes forever!

6/ What are the most rewarding aspects of working at Chilly Bear?
Watch this space.....in time we hope that it keeps growing if the staff stay consistent and honest....we've met some lovely people here....thats what it's all about isn;t it?

7/ Are there any challenges you have needed to overcome?
yes, I hate new places....lol.....so anything new is a challenge for me, i like to get comfortable and settled in a new place

8/ Do you have a website to showcase your Second life musical interests/talents?
I take some SL pics occasionally - see them here on Flickr

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