How to Add an Entry to Second Life Events

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One of the primary responsibilities of most hosts in Second Life is to submit their events to the Second Life event listings. When hosts do not do this it can have a serious impact on the numbers who attend an event so it is crucial all events are submitted each week. It is extremely unfair to the club, as well as the DJ who's events they share when hosts overlook submitting events.

It is usual for hosts to submit their events at the beginning of the week, or at the very least a few days before the event.

However, since not everyone is shown how to submit events here is a run down of what is involved. It is very simple and is basically the same as filling in an online form.

1/  First go to your Second Life dashboard, and assuming you're signed in you will see at the top left a list as above. Click on Events.

2/ This will take you to Second Life's event listings, and at the top of the page there will be an Event Calendar as in the image above. Just underneath the calendar is a link 'Submit New Event'. Click on this to add your event.

3/ You will now be on the event posting rules page. If you are unaware of the rules read them. Otherwise scroll to the bottom of the page and click the I Agree button.

4/ You will now be taken to the page where you submit the event, which will look like the above image. At the top of the form enter the event name, which the DJ for the set should tell you. Don't decide for yourself what the event should be named unless the DJ or club owner has told you this is OK. Some DJ's will not be pleased if you do this.

5/ You now need to add the date and time. If you click on the calendar icon to the right of the Date space a larger calendar will pop up. Here you can choose the date of the event. The pop up calendar will close when you have selected a date.

6/ Now select the time from the drop down Time list, remembering of course that you are working with SL times. Now use the Duration drop down list to select how long the event will be. Two hours is the most common for a DJ event.

7/ Below the Duration drop down list is another drop down list where you select the location of the event. It is important you select the correct location.

Sometimes club owners forget to give hosts the correct group permissions to select their location in events, especially when a club is new and about to open. If you have trouble selecting the location this may be why. The only person who can fix this for you is the club owner. Most of the time however this will not be an issue.

8/ Just below the Location dropdown list is the Category dropdown list. For a DJ led event this is almost always going to be the Nightlife/Entertainment category. If you are hosting a live performer the category is likely to be Live Music.

Unless you have been told otherwise the cover for the event is likely to be free.

9/ The last step is to add a description for the event. You want to make this upbeat and something to grab people's interest, so it may be a good idea to agree with the DJ what to add here.

10/ After you have added a description you are pleased with hit the Save Event tab and the event should be listed after a few moments. Once its live the event should look something like the above image.

If you spot any mistakes or feel you can improve the listing click the Edit tab to the top left, under the title. You can also delete the listing by clicking the Delete tab.

That is all it takes to add  your events to the Second Life listings page. You should bear in mind however that everyone is limited to the number of listings they can submit each week, (around five), so if you have more events than this, you'll need help submitting them.

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