Team Players of The Month - March

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We are so lucky at The Chilly Bear to have such a wonderful team that this month we have not one, but TWO, Team Players Of The Month......

We asked them a little about themselves for the blog......

DJ & Wonderful Chilly 2nd Kitsune

I'm a wife, mother, writer, and geek girl extraordinaire, with a simple mission in life — to maximize the amount of love and happiness in the universe by whatever means necessary. That's why I DJ and why I love working at the Chilly Bear. I can share my eclectic taste in tunes, and introduce people to music they may never have heard before, including deep tracks from established artists like Peter Gabriel or David Bowie.

My top 5 music choices are tough to narrow down, but I'll try:

Matt Boroff and the Elevators - Like a Train
Queen - Princes of the Universe
Warren Zevon - Desperado Under the Eaves
Pink Floyd - Time
Steely Dan - Godwhacker

DJ & Wonderful Chilly 2nd Nat

I just love djing if one person is there enjoying my day is complete. I love working at the Chilly Bear due to the family environment .. The staff and VIP's are awesome.

My top 5  music choices are Godsmack , Apocalyptica, Blackberry Wednesday, Evanescence  and most anything from the 80's.

I personally want to celebrate their contributions to The Chilly Bear and say an ENORMOUS "Thank You" to both of them

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