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DJ Tabitha Saxondale
I have been in sl going on 8 years now. I started out as a host but always wanted to be the one spinning the tunes. I have been djing in sl for over 7 years and loving every minute of it. Midge hired me many many moons ago to work at one of the clubs she was managing (way before The Chilly Bear) believing in my dj abilities even when I was just starting out.

I followed Midge through a number of clubs and when she opened the doors to The Chilly Bear I was honored to join the crew. It sure helps to be able to do what you love with awesome people to support you.

I think Tuesdays 4-6pm has been my time slot since the club opened, of course my memory isn't as good as it once was!

I love the fact that I can play the music that I love at Chilly's not just one genre. I enjoy a variety of genres including classic rock, pop, jazz, country, blues and oldies to name a few.
Come on out some Tuesday and join the fun!


DJ Gonzo Alderson
I joined SL in 2007 and spent many good times in different clubs. I met my RL wife in here and after a failing at running a club myself I decided to become a DJ. I had a few DJ friends helped me out and soon found work. I lean towards Rock and Metal mostly but have no problem playing other genres if asked. I have and still play at clubs I would be happy to be in even if not working and Chilly Bear is one of them. I played at the original Chilly and when Midge asked me back so had no hesitation saying yes and so far it's been a blast.

My top 5 music choices:
1. Queen - The show Must Go On
2. Motorhead - Whiplash
3. Aerosmith - Crazy
4. Disturbed - Sound of Silence
5. Metallica - Enter Sandman


Host Caelumearth Faerye
I love music, I love the feel of the Chilly Bear where it is friendly and warm and welcoming. I love the staff - they are like family. Also many of the V.I.P.S are great people too and some have become good friends along the way. Until I came to the Bear I never hosted before, but Midge encouraged me to go for it. There are some great people in this world but a few just compare to none and are part of the chilly bear :)

Cael's fave tunes are:

1 Neil Diiamond Hello Again
2 Staind Tangled up in you
3 Fleetwood mac The Chain
4 Heart Alone
5 Foreigner I want to know what love is

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