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This week we find out a little more about Steph - one of the Chilly Team that has been with us since the beginning
1/ How long have you been a DJ/host in SL?      Three years
2/ What made you decide to work as a DJ/host in SL?      Midge, I love her style!
3/ What makes working at Chilly Bear so enjoyable for you? (apart from the tips :-))    Intelligent, witty banter, loads of fun, and very little grief.
4/ Do you work at any other clubs in SL and if so how do they compare with working at Chilly Bear? No, Chilly Bear is the one for me!
5/ Tell us a funny anecdote about working at Chilly Bear?  Too many to remember, but usually involving welshie, Kieran or Deta.
6/ What are the most rewarding aspects of working at Chilly Bear?      Interacting with the guests and staff.
7/ Are there any challenges you have needed to overcome?     Regular Monday night slots means managing RL carefully, and when Midge goes away we all miss her!

1/ What was the first single you bought and why?  I really can't remember
2/ What was the first album you bought and why?   A London Philharmonic version of the 1812 Overture - I loved that piece of music!
3/ What song has the most meaningful lyrics for you and why?   A difficult one - there could be so many - but perhaps Paul McCartney's "Waterfalls" It brings back some very happy memories. Ask me tomorrow and it would be a different song.
4/ What genres of music do you prefer to play or dance to at Chilly Bear?  I quite like oldies - The Beatles, ELO, Kate Bush, Genesis (having two older brothers means my musical tastes are older than I am!) I really don't like heavy metal/rock, or weird stuff that some DJs play.
5/ Who has had the greatest influence in shaping your taste in music?  Probably my two brothers :)
6/ what was the best live band/musical performance in RL you attended and why was it so good?   Paul McCartney (because it's, well, Paul McCartney) or Genesis at Roundhay Park, in 1991, supported by Lisa Stansfield - a magical evening.
7/ Are there any RL bands/ performers you would like to see live but haven't?  The Rolling Stones. Kate Bush.
8/ Are there any RL disbanded bands/ performers you regret not getting around to seeing live?   The Beatles, Naturally, but they disbanded before I was born!

Steph chose this video to add to her blog - enjoy !


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