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DJ Ziggy has been around Chilly Bear for sometime now, with a break or two in between. Its more than about time then that we let you find out a little more about this excellent DJ. We asked him a few questions and here are his answers.

1/ How long have you been a DJ in SL? 
Been DJing for about a year.

2/ What made you decide to work as a DJin SL? 
It is simply the best place to work in SL.

3/ What makes working at Chilly Bear so enjoyable for you? 
You got a lot of freedom to play pretty much whatever you feel like.

4/ Do you work at any other clubs in SL and if so how do they compare with working at Chilly Bear?
I only work at Chilly.

5/ Tell us a funny anecdote about working at Chilly Bear.
Can't think of any at the moment... The funny stuff just happens.

6/ What are the most rewarding aspects of working at Chilly Bear? 
Meeting a lot of funny people along the way.

7/ Are there any challenges you have needed to overcome? 
I don't think so. I tend to go with the flow.

8/ Do you have a website to showcase your Second life musical interests/talents?
 Yup we got a cover I made of Bruce Springsteen's Streets of Philadelphia [on YouTube].

Ziggy's Musical Interests

 1/ What was the first single you bought and why? 
Man that's so many years ago... Can't remember.

2/ What was the first album you bought and why? 
Again it's so many years ago... I was a kid back then so I bet it was a Spice Girls album... Kinda embarrassing... But I was a kid and the redhead had big boobs so i bet thats the reason... I HOPE thats the reason.

3/ What song has the most meaningful lyrics for you and why? 
There are quite a lot of them. Springsteen has made quite a few powerful lyrics.

4/ What genres of music do you prefer to play or dance to at Chilly Bear? 
I prefer to play/listen to what ever my mood tells me at the given time.

5/ Who has had the greatest influence in shaping your taste in music? 
I listen to everything from Ozzy Osbourne to John Denver, man... I can say that the musicians that has been great infuences on my own music writing is people like Tina Dico, Katie Melua and Søren Huus.

6/ what was the best live band/musical performance in RL you attended and why was it so good? 
It's gotta be BB King live in Sønderborg, Denmark. That man was just enjoying himself on stage and he took the time to talk to people amongst the audience. That was a good day.

7/ Are there any RL bands/ performers you would like to see live but haven't?
Springsteen... That guy can't deliver a bad concert.

8/ Are there any RL disbanded bands/ performers you regret not getting around to seeing live? 
Elvis... Died before i was born but i would really have loved seeing him live.

Ziggy mentioned a cover he made of a Bruce Springsteen tune, Streets of Philadelphia, and for the curious among you here it is...enjoy. Don't forget to catch Ziggy at Chilly Bear every week, we'd love to see you there.

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