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After a brief hiatus we are back with more pics of the week. During Midge's absence DJ Gixer has been running the Monday theme night and he has come up with some inventive ideas. Last Monday was Enchantment Under The Sea, and we have some pics from the event to share with you.

We also have a few pictures from the burlesque event run by DJ Judy and Anna, which will become a weekly event with enough support (Saturdays 2.00-4.00pm SLT)

If you take any pics whilst you're at Chilly Bear feel free to share them with me. The contact page has details of how to get in touch, although sending images by email is the preferred method as saved pics from Second Life can be restricted in size and sometimes become distorted.

Enjoy the pics and hope to see you soon at Chilly Bear in the coming week. Click each pic to view full size.

Scout and Dina at The Chilly Bear
Scout and Dina

DJ Gixer at The Chilly Bear
DJ Gixer in his shark avie at the Enchantment Under The Sea event

Joe and Britty at The Chilly Bear
Joe and Britty

Lowen and Ryder at The Chilly Bear
Lowen and Ryder

Enchantment Under The Sea event at The Chilly Bear
Enchantment Under The Sea event

Spudy at The Chilly Bear

Anna at at The Chilly Bear
Anna hosting the Burlesque event

DJ Judy at The Chilly Bear
DJ Judy at the Burlesque event

Lowen at The Chilly Bear
Lowen at the Burlesque event

DJ Shauna and VooDoo at The Chilly Bear
DJ ShaunaKate and VooDoo

Aendir and Dryke at The Chilly Bear
Aendir and Dryke

Squeaky at The Chilly Bear

DJ Paint at The Chilly Bear
DJ Paint

DJ Ziggy at The Chilly Bear
DJ Ziggy

Vallietta at The Chilly Bear

Peaches at The Chilly Bear

Mare and CatDog at The Chilly Bear
 Mare and CatDog

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