Meet Billy - One Of Our Treasured Hosts

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We asked Billy about hosting in Second Life and about her musical interests. To find out more read on.

1/ How long have you been a host in SL? 
1 1/2 years

2/ What made you decide to work as a host in SL?
 I started out dancing and i like to dance but i didn't like competing for tips

3/ What makes working at Chilly Bear so enjoyable for you? 
The people of course

4/ Do you work at any other clubs in SL and if so how do they compare with working at Chilly Bear?
Yes but each club is completely different so there is no comparison.

5/ Tell us a funny anecdote about working at Chilly Bear  
There was the conversation about cement verses concrete cows that got out of control and there was the discussion about how long it took to get someplace i was looking at it from perspective of time and other person was looking at it in terms of distance that too got out of control

6/ What are the most rewarding aspects of working at Chilly Bear? 
The variety of the music

7/ Are there any challenges you have needed to overcome? 
In the chilly bear? Learning to speak British; SL in general SL technical stuff

8/ What was the first album you bought and why?
The beatles, the Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder I can't remember they were popular and everybody wanted this music

9/ What song has the most meaningful lyrics for you and why? 
At the moment Pharrell Williams Happy because there is not much happiness in the world at the moment.

10/ What genres of music do you prefer to play or dance to at Chilly Bear? 
I am open to all the music such a wide variety of tastes

11/ Who has had the greatest influence in shaping your taste in music? 
My family. So many friends either in music or involved with people in the music business

 12/ What was the best live band/musical performance in RL you attended and why was it so good?
Tina Turner because the music was strong, fast and put everyone on their feet and the dancing was fast and you wished you could dance that fast too. She really gave us our moneys worth

13/ Are there any RL bands/ performers you would like to see live but haven't? 
Arrowsmith, Sting, Elton John there should be a woman or two in there oh Pink.

14/ Are there any RL disbanded bands/ performers you regret not getting around to seeing live?
Of course The Beatles, the youthful Rolling Stones, Queen, Marvin Gaye, Tina Turner when she was with Ike (just to see what that energy was like)

Just for you Billy, here's Ike and Tina Turner singing Proud Mary. In the meantime the rest of us can check the calendar to see when we can see Billy hosting at Chilly Bear.

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