Top Ten Music Websites

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For those who like to keep up with whats happening in music, or want to root out new bands there are some good quality websites with plenty of features and information. Here we present some of the most popular and acclaimed music websites for you to peruse and cogitate. If you're a hardcore music fan then some of these music websites may be familiar but we hope there is something new and interesting for everyone.

One Week One Band

Top Ten Music Websites: one week one band
A website where the title explains all. Each week a music 'aficionado' is given a platform to showcase one band/artist. Thats essentially the only guideline. The writer can pick any genre and any artist/ band well known or not. A great recipe for a music blog.


Top Ten Music Websites: self-titled
Self titled is a website full of  reviews and news with some downloads. It has the look of a newsy music place for the cool crowd but without being pretentious. As well as its website Self-Titled also produces a quarterly magazine on Zinio costing £2.50.

Slicing Up Eyeballs

Top Ten Music Websites: Slicing Up Eyeballs

This website, which takes its name from a line from the Pixies' song Debasser,  is orientated towards 1980's college, modern and indie rock. It also runs an hour long show featuring such music on Strangeways Radio. There are also some good mixtapes to download if 80's is your thing.

Raven Sings The Blues

Top Ten Music Websites: Raven Sings the Blues

Raven Sings The Blues is a rock lover's site based on Blogger platform, but successful for that. There are new bands featured along with news and mixtapes.

Cyclic Defrost

Top Ten Music Websites: Cyclic Defrost

Cyclic Defrost covers a broad span of music, from electronic to avant garde rock to left field hiphop. As they say, 'If it’s weird and wonderful, strange and new you will find it here'.

 Dr. Schluss’ Garage of Psychedelic Obscurities

Top Ten Music Websites: Dr Schluss' Garage of Phychedelic Obscurites

Dr. Schluss likes to look out for (as the name suggests), obscure  psychedelic tidbits. There's everything on this blog, from acid folk to 60's garage, with of course some tracks to download.

Tiny Mix Tapes

Top Ten Music Websites: Tiny Mix Tapes
This is the kind of serious looking music website that you could spend hours on. There is plenty of music news and reviews as well as more tracks to listen to.

Ad Hoc

Top Ten Music Websites: Ad Hoc

This website is built around the ethos of bringing together like minded people to create something culturally worthwhile. In this case, it brings together ten music blogs from around the world that have something to say about underground music.


Top Ten Music Websites: Fact

A website with a healthy reputation for news and music features, and of course reviews. Its professional look and approach underpins this reputation, as does its mixtapes.

The Quietus

Top Ten Music Websites: The Quietus
This is a place for people who really like to know their stuff. A gritty, on the whole monochrome look that wreaks of quality, and its reputation reflects this. A great mixture of news, reviews and interviews.

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