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It's my immense pleasure to be the manager and co-owner of The Chilly Bear here in SL.  We opened the club intending for it to be a place for our friends, old and new, to hang out, have fun and listen to some great music and that's what we hope we have created.

I started my "working" life here in SL as a host and was eventually persuaded to start DJing (Flux is partly to blame for this - so you can kick him later).  During my time in SL I've managed several clubs, taken the "Monday Theme Nght" on tour around the grid (with my fab host Steph) and at the end of October 2013 Ronan and I decided to take the plunge and open our own place - The Chilly Bear.

I'm primarily a Rock DJ but I love all styles of music and I haven't been beaten with a request (yet...), despite some of the strange requests we often get - Speelo "I've got one - how about The Purple Chicken Monster Band and Scream If You Like Artichokes" or Welshie "I've got a request - it's really good - but I can't remember who it's by or what it's called".  I love doing theme nights 'cos you get to discover some great tunes and my tenuous links really do show my warped sense of humour sometimes !  Still, people come back every week so I must be doing SOMETHING right...

My philosophy in life is to try to make at least one person smile every day and I love hugs (virtual or otherwise).  My IM box is always open and I love to hang out with all sorts of people.

I think Vodka is EVIL, love chocolate, Landrovers, Manchester City  and have a bit of a thing for Richard Hammond.  Does this make me odd? Probably !

I love the creativity of SL, the fun, the music and the great friends you meet.  I have a shop on marketplace and design clothes, fancy dress, balloons, flags and other party stuff, cards, gifts and random set decorations - all money made goes straight into the running of the club.

The best things about SL?  Ronan (of course!), my friends, music and the ability to fall off cliffs and into water without getting hurt (wish I could do that in RL)
The worst things?  Dishonesty - I have no issues with private lives being private but don't appreciate being used as a doormat and being blatantly lied to.  Feelings are very real here in SL and some people need to remember that. 

My top tunes of all time include - Bryan Adams - Summer of '69 and Alanna Myles - Black Velvet but I love all sorts from Coltrane to Metallica and everything inbetween.  The CD in my Landrover at the moment is "Poets of The Fall - Temple of Thought"

Catch me DJing every Monday noon - 3pm slt at the Chilly Bear for "Theme Night" and most other nights there just hanging out with my friends - the staff and VIPS of a very special club,  You all RAWK !!!

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